ID 34013 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Astm International

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Published on 13 Mar 2018
1/31/18: Contract Documents and Specifications: Chapter 12
Contract Documents
All of the construction drawings, specifications and contracts or agreements between the
designer and the owner
May or may not include FFE drawings
Contract Drawings
Contract documents
o Construction agreement: agreement between owner and contractor
o Conditions of the contract
o Construction documents
o Modifications: addenda and change orders
Construction drawings
o Drawings
o Specs
o Schedules
Bid documents
o Invitation to bid
o Instructions to bidders
o Bid form
o Bid reference
o Construction documents
The written instructions to the general contractors and vendors
Vary in complexity. Residential to commercial, bid or not
Written word takes precedence over drawings
Compliment the drawings, don’t duplicate them
Key Terms
Closed Spec: a specification that is written for a product such that no other product can
be substituted
Open Spec: the owner is willing to consider substitutions for what was originally
“Or Equal”: products that are the same, or very close to, what has been specified
Types of Specs
o Names the products and materials by manufacturer’s name, model number, or
part number
o Closed spec: no substitutions are permitted
o Advantages:
Easiest to write
Accurate drawings
Max product control
Shorter schedule
Competitive bid concept more fully realized
o Disadvantages:
Not enough bidders given market area to provide products
Limits competition
Or equals lead to longe evaluation times
Not permitted in government work (unless “or equal” is stated)
o Doesn’t use a manufacturer’s name or trade name for the goods being specified
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