ID 34013 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Verification And Validation, American Society Of Interior Designers

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13 Mar 2018
1/24/18: Professional Advancement: Chapter 2:
The 3 E’s of the ID Profession
Education: CIDA (Council for Interior Design Association) maintains standards for
Experience: Practice
Examination: NCIDQ, 3 parts
o IDFX: Interior Design Fundamentals Exam
Can be taken right after school
o IDPX: Interior Design Professional Exam
Need professional hours before being taken
o PRAC: Interior Design Practicum
Need professional hours before being taken
NCIDQ - National Council for Interior Design Qualification
Organized in 1972 to maintain standards of practice through testing its members of the
profession and establish the requirements for legal qualifications for licensing and title
Certification is required for professional level membership to industry organizations
It is the recognized exam for legislation in the US and Canada
IDEP (Interior Design Experience Program)
Established by NCID - providing structured, diversified and monitored experience in ID
after graduation (however, you can start your hours early)
Help ID pass the NCIDQ
State boards may require enrollment in IDEP for licensing/registration.
Be aware of the requirements for the state you wish to work
IDEP - How it works
Find an ID job
Secure a supervisor at that place of employment who is an NCIDQ certificate holder or a
licensed/registered ID or architect
o This person supports the IDEP candidate to make sure they are developing their
experience as required
Secure a mentor who is also an NCIDQ certificate holder or a licensed/registered ID or
o This mentor may be in the same or different firm but they can’t be the supervisor
for the candidate
o Mentor provides advice
3,520 hours of qualified interior design work experience
Up to half or required hours (1,760 hours) may be earned while still in school
Formal internship hours do not count
Professional Licensing and Registration
Professional are predominately licensed or registered by state or provincial regulatory
A licensed or registered interior design ensures the client will receive an ID that is
required to understand the HSW of the public
Title Acts - legislative measures concerned with limiting the use of certain professional
titles by individuals who meet agreed - upon qualifications and who have registered with
a state board
Practice Acts - guidelines established by legislation concerning what person can or can’t
do in the practice of a profession in a particular state. Individuals whose profession is
guided by practice acts must register with a state board and meet exacting requirements
CIDLO (Coalition of Interior Designs for Legislation in Ohio, Inc.)
find more resources at
find more resources at
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