ID 34013 Lecture 2: jan 22 Goals and Strengths Chapter 28

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Published on 13 Mar 2018
1/22/18: Goals and Strengths: Chapter 28
What are goals?
o Concrete ideas that represent what you want to achieve
Dreams = hope
A goal: is an ongoing pursuit of a worthy objective until accomplished
Why are goals important?
o They inform our decisions
Where to intern, where to live after college
SMART Goals:
o S: specific
o M: measurable
o A: achievable
o R: relevant
o T: time-based
Setting goals are risky
o Failure is difficult, but not trying is not the answer
Examine: what do you really care about?
o Set goals that matter to you (no others)
o Clarify your purpose: know what you want and why you want it
o Set goals that help to develop your strengths and minimize your weaknesses
Recognizing the signs of your strengths
o Success: when you do the activity, you feel effective and in control
o Instinct: before you do the activity, you look forward to doing it. You can’t wait to
do it
o Growth: while you are doing the activity, you feel inquisitive and focused. You
may lose track of time and 2hrs only feel 5min have passed
o Need: after you’ve done the activity, even if you’re tired, you feel fulfilled
Minimize weaknesses:
o Stop doing it and see whether anyone notices
o Team up with someone who is strengthened by what weakens you
o Offer up a strength do deliberately, so insistently, that doing it becomes valuable
enough to take up more of your tim, crowding out time spent on weaknesses
o Perceive the activity through the lens of strength
find more resources at
find more resources at
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