ID 34013 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Wok, Direct Marketing, Jargon

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13 Mar 2018
2/19/18: Marketing and Branding and the Informational Interview
Marketing: the research and pursuit of work available in the marketplace
Types of Marketing
Create awareness marketing
o Website, blog, social media
o Project signage
o Charities
o Professional organizations
o Referral network
o Public relations
o Client maintenance
Direct marketing
o Mailers, postcards, newsletter, email blast
o Regular email updates
o Holiday mailer
o Social media updates
o Business cards
Promotion marketing
o Photography, scouting, completed work
o Submissions
o Email project - completion assessment
o Internal office display
o Media outreach
Target Marketing
o Portfolio packages
o RFQ - Request for Qualification
o RFP - Request for Proposal
o Speculative Work
Interview Process Marketing
o Project portfolios
o Final photography
o Firm profile
o Relevant project history
When is the best time to market?
When you are the busiest!
how?....How do we handle more work when we are already swamped?
Who should market?
o Company pride resonates with prospective clients
o You never know who your next client will be or where you will meet them
o You want to keep your company business need wok too!
How do you connect?
Public speaking (lecture, panel, teaching)
Getting involved
Other community activities
The promotion of a particular product or company by means of advertising and
distinctive design
find more resources at
find more resources at
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