ID 34013 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Sustainable Design, Project Management, Code Review

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13 Mar 2018
1/29/18: Project Management: Chapter 11
The process of organizing and controlling all the tasks and resources for an interior
design project from beginning to end to satisfactorily solve the client’s problems, meet
the client’s desires, and provide a reasonable profit to the design firm.
Effective Project management
Detailed understanding of the client’s goals and scope of services (it is helpful to follow
the phases of the design process)
Relationship management - client, vendors, contractors, consultants, design team
Scheduling and handling multiple projects at once
Key task of the PM
Prepare the proposal contract
Establish and oversee the project schedule
Select a project team
Serve as primary client contact
Supervise the design team
Establish and oversee budget
Coordinate with consultants
Oversee the project files/paper trail
Supervise quality control
Provide design input
Utilize good communication skills
Prepare and distribute project status reports
Phases of an interior design process
1. programming/predesign
a. Initial phase, information-gathering: client expectations, functional needs,
aesthetics, and factors concerning the interior itself
b. Relationship building
c. Tasks:
i. Interview clients, determine goals/objectives
ii. Field visit, observation/field verification
iii. Inventory
iv. Interview users
v. Code review
vi. Sustainable design
vii. Research, EBD (evidence based design)
2. Schematic design
. The execution of preliminary design decisions
a. Tasks:
.Development of written concept statement
i.Bubble diagrams
ii.Adjacency matrices
iii.Block plans
iv.Preliminary floor plans
v.Design sketches
vi.FFE, materials
vii.Preliminary estimate
3. Design development
. Further development of SD
a. The phase in which final design decisions for plans, specifications, and any final
presentation graphics are made
4. Contract documents
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find more resources at
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