ID 34013 Lecture 11: chapter 5 professional options

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13 Mar 2018
Chapter 5: Professional Options
1. Designer/Specifier
a. Involved in all phases of a design project
b. Responsible for preparing drawings and specifications
c. Rarely sell merchandise
d. Paid a salary
2. Sales
. Selling is the primary responsibility, over planning and design tasks
a. Usually compensation is by commission, not a salary
3. Freelance Consulting
. Irregular hours, not necessarily full time, not directly for end-users
a. Often, the designer works in a speciality
b. Variety in work type
c. Can be paid hourly, daily, or per job
d. Must pay own taxes and working benefits
4. Management
. Supervise staff, assign work, prepare reports to ownership, meet with clients
a. Might work in a design office, construction company, or retail store
Additional types of work environment/directions
1. Independent firm
2. Residential furniture stores/speciality stores
3. Office furnishings dealer
a. Out in the field (not necessarily at a desk all day)
b. Still in contact with all of the firms that need furniture
4. Retail or “Other” speciality
5. Architectural office
. Ask what the ID personnel do
6. Developers
7. manufacturer/independent rep
8. Corporations (Facilities)
9. Government
10. universities/colleges
11. Independent organizations
Internship experience
It can be all about who you know
Don’t be discouraged to be in the library
Don’t be discouraged by picking up redlines
Remember IDEP - broad experience
find more resources at
find more resources at
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