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Lecture 20

BIOL 240 Lecture Notes - Lecture 20: Projection Fiber, Occipital Lobe, Grey MatterPremium

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BIOL 240

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MARCH 12TH, 2017
Major parts of brain
- Cerebrum
- Diencephalon
- Brainstem
- Cerebellum
Embryonic development
- Starts off as a cube, then develops forebrain, midbrain, and hindbrain
- When each portion of 3 types brain going to develop into adult brain structures
o Forebrain
Most of the weight in brain
o Midbrain
o Hindbrain
Medulla oblongata
- Medulla oblongata, ponds, and midbrain are going to form the brain stem
- Adult structures are coming from forebrain, midbrain, and hindbrain
Major and specific regions of the brain
- Cerebrum
- Cerebellum
- Diencephalon
o Thalamus
o Epithalamus
o Hypothalamus
- Brainstem
o Midbrain
o Pons
o Medulla oblongata
Cranial Meninges (layers covering the brain) 3 layers in total
- Dura mater
o Outer periosteal layer against bone
Holding brain to the bone
o Forms during venous sinuses draining blood from brain
o Supportive structure formed by dura mater
o Very tough membrane, providing support
o Divided into
Periosteal layer
To bone
Meningeal layer
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