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Lecture 22

BIOL 240 Lecture Notes - Lecture 22: Shingles, Intervertebral Foramina, Glossopharyngeal NervePremium

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BIOL 240

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MARCH 26th, 2018
Peripheral Motor Endings
- Innervation of skeletal muscle
o Motor axons innervate skeletal muscle fibers at neuromuscular junctions =
motor end plates
Only place where there will be neurotransmitters
Only in areas of contact
- Innervation of visceral muscles and glands
o Smooth muscle
Innervation of visceral muscles and glands
- Wider synaptic clefts
- Smooth muscle has neurotransmitter receptors everywhere
- Action slow
o Neurotransmitters diffuse
Cranial Nerves
- 12 pairs of nerves branching out from the brain
o First two to forebrain
o Others to brain stem
o Carrying either sensory or motor
- All except vagus n. (which extends to abdomen) innervate head and neck
Numbering the nerves
- In classic anatomy we use roman numerals to number the cranial nerves
o I =1
o II = 2
o III = 3
o IV = 4
o V = 5
Cranial nerves can carry
- Primarily
- Primarily motor
- Both, sensory
and motor
o Mixed
- They can also
carry visceral
sensory and
visceral motor
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