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Lecture 27

BIOL 240 Lecture Notes - Lecture 27: Tachycardia, Heart Valve, FetusPremium

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BIOL 240

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APRIL 9TH, 2018
Myocardium= muscle of the heart
Myocardium has own supply of arteries and veins supplying them with nutrients and removing
Chambers of the heart divided by septae:
- Two atria divided by interatrial septum
o Right atrium
o Left atrium
- Two ventricles divided into interventricular septum
o Left ventricle
o Right ventricle
Right atrium
- Receives oxygen poor blood from systemic circuit through these vessels:
o Superior vena cava
o Inferior vena cava
o Coronary sinus
Deoxygenated blood from heart itself
- Pectinate muscles
o Folds formed by the hearts
- Fossa ovalis
o Separated right atrium form left
Right Ventricle
- Receives blood from the right atrium and pumps it into the pulmonary circuit via the
pulmonary trunk
- Internal walls of the right ventricle
o Trabeculae carneae
o Papillary muscle
Folds from myocardium
o Chordae tendineae
Tendons of the heart
Left Atrium
- Makes up heart’s posterior surface
- Receives oxygen rich blood from lungs through pulmonary vein
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