ART 234 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Roller Skates, Pop Art, Robert Rauschenberg

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14 Dec 2016
Pop Art #14
Tuesday, November 15
Pop Art & Popular Culture
a revolt against abstract expressionism: a generation burnin 1930s who wanted to
look at art in a different way
people who mostly are post WWII figures so they haven't seen the same horrors
that the other generation saw (at least as directly)
they were products of enormous growth of American in the post war years
Robert Rauschenberg (1925-2008)
-dyslexic but a photographic memory, and he could deal with multiple information
sources simultaneously
-working on several different works at once
-he joined the Navy during the Korean war and dealt with soldiers who had post
traumatic stress and did skits to make them feel better
-he went to Black mountain college in 1947 and was there until 1953 — an amazing
school started by war immigrants who fled Europe
-moved to NYC 1953 in a working and shipping neighborhood
Bed (1955)
-painted on the sheets in an abstract expressionist way
-idea of chaos and dynamism of the early environment of new york is something he
was fascinated with
-the expressionist work up above is similar to deKooning
-the built is more like geometric painting
-the work picks up on the two tendencies of the day (expressionistic painting and
geometric art)
-the idea of finding stuff, art being made fro things you fins on the street becomes a
symbol of life, it optimizes your life
Monogram (1959)
-most daring and radically liberal art piece
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