GOVT 230 Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: Walter Cronkite, Iranian Revolution, Al-Qaeda

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4 Apr 2016
Research Papers due 21 April
15 pages, 2 copies, Chicago
Post 1967 War
President Sadat of Egypt ‘accidental’ presidency after Nasser death – 1970
Wants Sinai back from Israelis
Get on good side of Americans, desert Soviets
’73 war forces hand, leaves unresolved issues
Sought more talks to press advantage
President Carter – January 1977
Committed to comprehensive peace in Middle East, including resolution of
Palestinian issue
Pressures Israelis
Prime Minister Begin – March 1977
Background head of underground anti-British operation
Israeli/Egyptian back channeling
Agreement in principle to return Sinai to Egypt, Egypt @ peace with Israel
Sadat makes speech saying he would go to Jerusalem for peace, Begin interviews
with Walter Cronkite and invites Sadat to Jerusalem. Eventually he makes decision to
November 19, 1977 Sadat arrives in Jerusalem
Carter jumps in and invites Sadat and Begin to Camp David
Camp David I – 1978
Carter and Sadat friends, have similar goals
Begin – odd man out
Pg. 221-223 in big book
Agreements: September 17, 1978
oPeace b/w Israel and Egypt, diplomatic recognition (nobody thought it
was possible) – in return for the Sinai
oMore controversial second part- clearly avoiding the resolution of
Palestinian issue
Takeaways: negotiations are possible, Americans are necessary
Peleg: this is the greatest achievement of American diplomacy
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find more resources at
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