GOVT 412 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: White-Collar Crime

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23 Jun 2016
Bosnia Paper part 2
Ideas for the Remainder of the Paper
Expand on Economy: How has it improved over the last 20 years, and how has Dayton
helped or hindered it?
2009 European Court of Human Rights case: held back Bosnia from $60 million of EU
European Commission reviews: What they say needs to be improved and what Bosnia
has or has not done to fulfill these requirements
Corruption by the ethnic elites does not end at the government. In 1999, leaders of all three
ethnic groups were reported to have embezzled up to $1 billion from government coffers and
government assistance (Dobbins 149). This type of white collar crime only detracts from national
growth and makes the government a more difficult beast to handle, since this means it needs
more reform than simply on the level of governance and quotas.
Bosnia Internationally
International interest in Bosnia peaked in 1995-1996, when the country was being rebuilt.
Since then, the amount of international aid has dramatically decreased. This phenomenon can be
explained with a few different reasons.
The immediacy of Bosnia’s troubles is comparatively not as dire as other international crises,
such as the diplomatic nuclear negotiations with Iran and North Korea, the Syrian and Ukraine
crises, and the financial woes of several Eurozone countries, Greece in particular.
Bosnia’s current stance in European integration is in flux, between the April 2015
agreement to reopen the Stabilization and Association Agreement and the historical problems left
by Dayton that have corrupted the governance and economy of Bosnia. With an especial
emphasis on ethnic separation, Bosnia is in a spot where unification under a national agenda is
absolutely necessary in order for the state of the nation to improve. While decentralization
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find more resources at
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