HIST 105 Lecture Notes - Lecture 18: Dynastic Cycle

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21 Jul 2016
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Han Dynasty/ Qin Dynasty
Qin Shai= 1st emperor=centralization, census, believed Legalism > Confucianism ( no individualism). Did
not support education (ex. Burned books) very strict & no free will. Qin Shai constructed the Terracotta
6,000 6ft soldiers, ideal society out of clay out to allow into the afterlife. Qin Dynasty (military based).
Legalism= law, strict, rigid code. Han Dynasty (206-220 AD) + Confucianism = collective identity -> Script
+ Confucius ideals + religious beliefs + agrarian based , uncivilized. Emphasized people = good, but need
to be educated. Sets up an university for learning the Confucius classics.
Prior to this dynasty, Xiao created Mandate Of Heaven emperor chosen by the heavens but has to
uphold the empire or will lose the mandate of heaven.
The Responsibilities of Ruler ship = fifal piety, music, ritual and rites, but if not practiced one is lost and
follow their own selfish desires. Ruler city will be an empty sentiment and no longer a society.
Spontaneous punishment (ruler leading himself to his demise) ex: Qin Dynasty. This can cause one to
lose the mandate of heaven. Dynasty rise and fall until 20th century chin dynasty = dynastic cycle
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find more resources at oneclass.com