HIST 105 Lecture Notes - Lecture 22: Spanish Inquisition, Veranda

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21 Jul 2016
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Islamic control over the Iberian Peninsula w/ 100 yrs. of influence.
Prior to Islamic ctrl over the Iberian Peninsula, Spain was little, diverse regions, no unification
Spread of Islam brought literacy, education, university and school, and large Muslim cities became
centers of learning.
Real Alcazar- palace built in the 10th century in Spain
Cordoba -27 free universities which allow only people if you were a certain social status and it
possessed the large libraries in the world
Christian ctrl and Portugal becomes independent in 1179 but in 1479 Spain, Isabela and king got married
and united the two kingdoms, the of Aragon, and kingdom of castile
Reconquista- taking over the kingdom of veranda in the Iberian Peninsula last of Muslim ctrl
Spain becomes intolerant and let Muslims stay as long they pay taxes but told Jews to leave or convert
to Christians and at the latter time, the Muslims were told to convert or leave
Conversos- Jew- Christians who chose to convert, due to social pressure, some according to business,
same religion with trader, religion is at top because some did just for spiritual purposes
Some held on to Jew traditions and married within their community.
There were other Conversos that still were Jewish culturally
The Spanish inquisition possess an enemy with was the Conversos
With a decade, Muslims are expelled from the kingdom
The Spanish inquisition- trials consisting of persecution at the time.
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find more resources at oneclass.com