HIST 105 Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: Gladiator

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21 Jul 2016
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Roman Empire/Han Dynasty
Han empire=Social hierarchy-filial piety based on respect of leader and subject, and this produces a
harmonious society. Patron= people who were high class and larger, superior and most likely educated.
The client is inferior to the superior who is mostly poor, could ask for money, crops, exchange of goods.
Usually the patron would offer food to the client. Also to social status and society in general.
Roman Empire=Paterfamilias= father who is superior in the family, dictator. Han Dynasty army> Roman
Empire army. The Roman Empire were devoted to mars (march) in the roman army during the spring.
Rome started as a republic were people got to appoint consuls, emperors, a senate, an turned more
into an authoritarian gout where citizens r allowed 2 join the army, get paid and go on these military
campaigns every year and are more loyal to the military commanders who also competed against each
Only citizens could join the army and where well paid and as they vacated the land and the rich ppl buy
the land and relied more on slave labor.
The roman slaves = war captives, who conquered people, slave population from successful military
conquests, kidnapping/abandonment, selling one children, one third of the pop were slaves even though
for a long time slavery= not acceptable. In order to obtain wealth and social status one would become
slave owner.
Most slaves= generated income, domestic labor, agricultural labor. Some woman were slaves but were
entertainers and 4 social status. Also they were gladiator slaves= property but people. They had slaves
who could bankers, be educated, educators, and diverse and carried stigma.
Manumation= process in which a slave will be let free because become friends, buy their freedom, loyal
to the slave owner, old age, sign of social statues to show benevolence.
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