PHIL 102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 32: Slut

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Louis Pineau
We need to define what women point of view means
Force or episodic resistance won’t do the trick
What reasonable criterion of consent?
oTake a look at the kind of sex is it the kind of sex that a woman would agree to
Is this the kind of sex a woman would agree to?
oPresumption of no attraction -> presumes no consent
Male has responsibility to prove women consented to unattached rape
Disagreeable sex
Because reasonable assumption was that there is no consent and he has burden
to show that consent was there
More willing to go along with something attractive then non attractive
If a women wanted sex … wouldn’t she actually ask for it
oPossible that women wants sex it but doesn’t want to be a slut
Just because she is torn doesn’t infer consent
All myths do is muddy the water
Presume sex is not Good when individual is pushed around
oAggressive seduction not good
therefore rational not to want it
therefor rational not to consent
Reasonable assumption of a women’s non consent is true
oBurden of proof should not be on the women it should be on the guy
oHighly communicable mutual sex is where the consent lies
American criminal law burden of proof falls on the ply prosecution
Louis Suggestion to stop the slippery slope
oNeed women’s response
Problem must be actionable
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