PHIL 102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Necessity And Sufficiency

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Reading on Mill
Principle governs absolutely with respect of force by the state
oSole end mankind is warranted in interfering with the liberty of action or any other is
o[owner can only be exhorted for protection
oYou cannot rightfully doe or forename because it’ll make him happier
oOwn good is not sufficient weren’t
Individual liberty
oValue of an individual liberty to the individual is always greater
oOther regarding activity
Offense is not good enough reason
oSelf-regarding contact state cannot interfere at the level of policy or law coercively
If genuinely self-regarding there should be no prohibition in the first place
oLiberty is intrinsically good and extrinsically good
Instrument for other things that are good
oState must stay out of decisions that required yourself
oWhen you have persons in non-age you are justified in forcing them
oMust devise policies as to if someone is or is not crazy
Conduct of a certain type, Heroin
oWhat is the cost of interference at the level of social policy?
Mills argues get the facts
oAddictive drug (individual’s business)
oHeroin not that bad to physiology
oOnly problem with heroine is its illegal
Cut heroin with toxic shit therefore higher cost of interference
Junkies steal because want quick cash to buy heroine because illegal
because drug prices increase by underground market
oTwo what degree is the decision to take the next dose freely
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