PHIL 102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Paternalism, Sodium Hydride

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Lars O Ericsson
Problem with attitude towards prostitution
oBest way to show is to show why the argument against prostitution fail
Legalize not decriminalization
Regulation = the best way to handle it
Historically people evaluate sex based on procreation
Reed market argument (FMA)
oIf an activity or practice is morally permissible, then a feely struck deal for that activity
or practice is morally permissible
oSex for fun is morally permissible (consensual)
oProstitution is ok
Sentimentalist objection -1
oMatter of feeling
oIf something is ok, then market in gratitude spills the gratitude
Deterrents gratitude market mess it up in a way that is undesirable
Frank the mechanic mat prof wants to pay
Frank you don’t want to do it don’t do it
Don’t want $ for sex then don’t do it
Why let a small group stop practices others are ok with
Sentimentalist argument 2
oToo fundamental to be market
oCertain things ought not be available (sex love)
What about food
What about housing
Not selling love selling oil changes
Paternalistic Charge
oProstitutes run the risk of being hurt physically and mentally
oSociety should for the prostitutes own good try to prevent them from prostituting
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