PHIL 102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Divine Command Theory, Cultural Relativism, Honor Killing

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Moral Judgements
1. Relativism
a. Pays attention to what people think is right and what people think is wrong at certain
periods of time
b. Prescriptive social cultural relativists
b.i. Morals vary from place to plays
b.ii. Moral rightness or wrongness of actions is relative to the basic norms of the
culture or society in which the actions being evaluated are preformed
b.iii. Is any moral commitment actually better than another?
b.iv. Honor killing
b.iv.1. A man kills his daughter because she wanted to marry someone
else, under this theory this action is just
c. Descriptive social cultural relativists
c.i. Simply states that there are differences between cultures
c.ii. No implication to actually what is morally right and morally wrong
d. William Gram Summner
d.i. Look at the origins of morally right and wrong
d.i.1. Our views can be traced to the origins in primitive social
d.i.1.a. Why Muslims and Jews do not eat pork?
d.i.1.b. Pigs have thgosis and it will kill you
d.i.1.c. People who ate flesh will die
d.i.2. Look at responses to going against something
d.i.2.a. Folkway ( ettquite) – morals based on sanction
( impolite/ improper)
d.i.3. Right or wrong morally claim is just means it has more sanctions
d.i.4. If our moral judgments originate in a particular society or
culture, them they are relative to that society or culture
d.i.5. If 4 then the consequent or judgment cannot be applied
d.i.6. If 5 them absolutism is false
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