PSYC 256 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Occipital Lobe, Episodic Memory, Qualia

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13 Jun 2018

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State of awareness of sensations or ideas, such that we can
o Know what it feels like to experience these sensations and ideas
o Report to others that we are aware of these sensations and ideas
Qualia: internal, subjective experience; what you are aware of; phenomenological
o Nagel: what is it like to be a bat?
The Cognitive Unconscious
NOT the Freudian unconscious (unknown, id, ego, etc.)
Mental activities that occur below the level of awareness but that make cognition
Subjective phenomenology of blindness but behavioral awareness (based on
unconscious processes) of visual stimuli
o Guess object identity correctly
o Navigate around obstacles successfully
Due to injury/illness/tumors in occipital cortex
Consciousness is not necessary for visual perception
Memory in Amnesia
Showed amnesic patients fragmented pictures, then complete picture
Patient recognized the fragmented image after the first trial
The Cognitive Unconscious
Aware of the products of cognition but unaware of the processes
o Retrieving information such as name from long-term memory
o Seeing and reading a written word, making inferences about missing features
o Recalling an episodic memory and perhaps committing a memory error
Processing Fluency
Some aspects of processing are available to conscious experience
Often interpreted as familiarity or accuracy of memories, emotions, beliefs, …
Cognitive Errors
Brief presentation of letters → CORN or CQRN
Both perceived as corn
Participants were unaware of the error
Knowledge of the illusion does not alter the experience of perception
Association occurring outside of consciousness
unconsciously , getting confirmation vs disconfirmation affects confidence
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