PSYC 256 Lecture Notes - Lecture 21: Fluid And Crystallized Intelligence, Deductive Reasoning, Metacognition

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13 Jun 2018

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Relationship between defining and testing intelligence
Defining Intelligence
Ability to:
o Understand complex ideas
o Adapt effectively to the environment
o Learn from experience
o Engage in various forms of reasoning
o Overcome obstacles by taking thought
Charles Spearman
All intellectual functioning due to an overall mental ability
Accompanied by specific abilities for differing mental tasks
Spearman’s g Factor
g Factor
o General intelligence factor underlying performance in all domains
o Intercorrelations among different tests, subscales, of same test, etc.
g - general factor
s - specific factor
e - error variance
Cattell’s Revision of g
Cattell St. named after his grandpa! Cattell went to Laf
Crystallized Intelligence
o Cognitive skills and specific knowledge of information acquired over a
o Stuff you know
Fluid Intelligence
o The capacity for deductive reasoning and the ability to use new information
to solve problems
o How you work with stuff you know
Fluid & crystallized intellectual development across the life span
o * see slide*
Information Processing View
Intelligence is a matter of efficient use of cognitive resources
o Attention
o Memory
o Organization
o Metacognition
The speed at which we process thought can explain why one individual is more
intelligent than another
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find more resources at
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