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MGT 243
Douglas Mahony

attitudes & emotions at work •emotions o are more intense, short lived feelings linked directly to an antecedent or causal event o they interrupt thoughts and influence behaviors o they can either be verbally or nonverbally expressed o emotions can feed into moods (general trends in the way we think & feel while performing our work) •emotional intelligence o ability to manage oneself and one's relationships o four dimensions • self-awareness • social awareness • self-management • relationship management o is this an appropriate environment? •emotional labor o the work required to suppress/control the expression of moods and emotions on the job • governed by display rules  feelings rules  expression rules o takes work to maintain control o if you're stressed, tired --> more likely to fail at maintaining control •determinants of job satisfaction o values • influences job satisfaction because they reflect employee's convictions about the outcomes that work should lead to and how one should behave at work  ex. intrinsic vs. extrinsic work values • intrinsic motivation affects job satisfaction o personality • may influence the extent to which one's thoughts/feelings toward job are positive or negative  extroverts: tend to experience higher levels of job satisfaction than introverts • how much of one's satisfaction is therefore genetic?  nature vs. nurture  researchers believe 40% of you is determined by genetics •major theories of job satisfaction o facet model (job characteristics model) • task, variety, identity, significance, autonomy, feedback --> lead to satisfaction with work o Herzberg's Motivator-Hygiene theory • motivator need
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