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MGT 243
Douglas Mahony

drivers of individual behavior: social perceptions • social perceptions o how we use available information to form impressions of others o impressions are based on information we obtain from: • environment • our previous attitudes • our current mood • social perceptions short cuts o schema • behaviors to help quickly interpret & process information  helps us focus on some information & ignore other information • they can also be dysfunctional when they cause us to jump to the wrong conclusions (stereotypes) o stereotypes • place people into social category & ignore variations among them • categories on which people might base a stereotype include race, age, gender, ethnic background, social class, occupation, phenotype, etc. • in group & out group • perceive that everyone in this category possesses these traits • but.. are they true?  'differences' usually don't exist once the situation and experience is accounted for  when average differences are found, there is usually a very high degree of overlap between groups • usually greater within-group variation than between-group variation o perception errors • categorization  exaggerate the similarities within and the differences between the groups  helps to explain why we view people in a particular group to which we don't belong as being more similar than they are • selective perception  interpret what we see on basis of our own interests, backgrounds, experiences • similar to me bias (our own schemas) • halo/horns effect • contrast effect  comparisons with other people recently encountered who rank higher or lower on the same characteristics • projection
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