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Lecture 24

BIOL 102 Lecture 24: BIOL 102 Notes- digestive system

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BIOL 102
Terry Spohn

BIOL 102 Notes Liberty University- Dr. Spohn Five Basic Processes accomplish digestive system function 1. Mechanical Processing and Movement a. Chewing and mixing 2. Secretion a. Fluid b. Digestive enzymes and hormones c. Bile, acid, alkali, mucus 3. Digestion a. Breaking down food to smallest absorbable units b. Chemical and mechanical breakdown 4. Absorption a. Through mucosa b. Into blood or lymph vessels 5. Elimination a. Undigested material eliminated Two types of motility aid digestive processes • Motility enable by smooth muscle in the muscularis layer • Peristalsis: propels food forward • Segmentation: mixes food The mouth processes food for swallowing • Teeth: bite and chew food o Types: incisors, canines, premolars, molars ▪ Children: 20 teeth ▪ Adults: permanent teeth o Structure: crown, root • Tongue: positions and tastes food o Skeletal muscle o Moves food in mouth o Taste o Important for speech • Saliva o Salivary glands ▪ Parotid ▪ submandibular ▪ sublingual o composition ▪ mucin, salivary amylase, bicarbonate, lysozyme • swallowing reflex occurs when the bolus moves to the pharynx o involuntary reflex o moves food down esophagus through peristalsis and through the cardiac sphincter to the stomach Stomach ▪ storage facility (do not absorb nutri
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