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Lindenwood University
CHM 23000
Professor Delgado

Chemistry (Quick Refresher) Dalton’s Atomic Theory 1. All matter is made up of tiny particles called atoms. 2. Atoms of the same element are chemically alike. 3. Atoms cannot be created, destroyed or subdivided. 4. Atoms combine in small whole number ratios. 5. In chemical reactions, atoms are separated, rearranged, and/or combined. Atom  smallest piece of matter that can still be identified as that matter What’s in it? 1890s  J.J. Thomson  Notified a stream of negatively charged particles emitted from an anode  Realized all had same mass and charge 1909 – Rovert. Millikan th  mass of electron is 1/2000 mass of H atom -31  confirmed negative charge 9.109 x 10 kg (mass of electron) 1. Where does mass of the atom come from Must be more massive particles in the atom 2. Electrons are negatively charged, but the whole atom is neutral Must be positive particles somewhere in atom Particle Symbol Charge Location Electrons e- -1 Around and outside nucleus
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