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Lecture 10

ANSC 1011 Lecture 10: Brief history of cattle

Animal Science
Course Code
ANSC 1011
Dr. Spurlock

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Brief history of cattle
Prior to WWII cattle were raised and fattened on pastures and forages
We then developed tractors which made a giant surplus of grains. We fed the surplus to
the cattle, they got fat and the meat started tasting better. That’s what started the grain
fed cattle
Technological advancements resulted in a surplus of grains that were fed to cattle
Consumers preferred beef from grain-fed cattle
Feedlot industry was born
Cattle were becoming too fat on grains
Cattle are small framed animals and were becoming too fat because we were giving
them too much grain
Larger framed, heavier muscled animals from Europe were imported that would provide
genetics that increased size and muscling
More cattle were being produced because of the grain surplus
Produce 7.1% of the world’s cattle
Produce over 21% of the world’s beef and veal
Large framed, more muscle, more energy goes to protein than fat
Beef cattle operations are decreasing
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