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Lecture 3

ANTH 1003 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Primitive Culture, Gap Year, Extended Family

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ANTH 1003

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Malinowski Movie (Tales from the Jungle--- available on Youtube)
Dr. Malinowski
Fonder of modern anthropologist
Private diaries found and much later published
He turned out to be arrogant, conceited, lustful, racist
London 1910
Malinowski becomes fascinated with English culture (Anglo-mania)
Believed English people were superior
Desired to be part of upper class
Couldn’t join aristocracy through wealth, instead used brains
Decided to study field of Anthropology
Means literally “study of man”
Victorians wanted to classify the ‘savage’ cultures
Peoples ruled by emotion (sex & violence)
Experts of Anthropology believed ‘savages’ were best studied from afar
Armchair Anthropologists
Essentially assumed that savages were opposite of how they imagined
themselves (cultured v. savagery, modesty v. promiscuity, etc.)
In 1910, Australian Aborigines were determined bottom of pyramid (sexual promiscuity,
no obvious family structure)
Malinowski denied this, discovered complex family structure within aborigines.
Determined anthropology was riddled w/ prejudice, required more scientific discipline
Malinowski was singularly well-equipped task
Intensely scrutinized himself
Manic obsession with health
Took regular injections of arsenic
Very nervous personality
Germophobe, hypochondriac, paranoid
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