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Astronomy and the Universe1Solar System Bodies ONLY for our Solar SystemaPlanets large enough to become spherical under its own gravity rotate around the sun and has cleared out its orbit we have 8 planetsiPattern of the planets is explained through physics Because of this we can see how the Solar System formediiOur solar system is only 46 billion years oldbDwarf Planets large enough to become a spherical body but has not cleared out its orbit which raises questions about whether or not is has fully been formed there are 3cSmall Solar System Bodies all other objects that orbit our Sun probably a million or moredSun we have a good idea of whats going on in the center of the sun simply because of the information we have on earth We know that there is nuclear fission going on Since it is made up of only a certain amount of hydrogen it cannot live forever It only has about 5 or 6 billion years left to burniTime to think what type of energy is being released in the process occurring1Mostly chemical from rearrangement of electrons in chemical bonds2 Mostly nuclear from within the nuclei of atoms3Roughly equal amounts of chemical and nuclear4Gravitational potential energy due to objects moving under the influence of gravity2Stellar NurseryaWe have evidence of planetary formation in far off galaxiesbDeath of stars this depends on the mass of a stariOur sun w
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