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Eclipses and the Motion of the Moon1Light SourceaThe sun is the light source for our solar systembThe earth and moon are sphericaliHalf of the earth and moon are always lit and the other half are in the shadow2Phases of the MoonaThis is the percentage of the illuminated size we can see from earthiNew Moon1This is the shadowed side of the moon2This occurs at noon on the equatoriiWaxing Crescent MooniiiFirst Quarter MoonivWaxing Gibbous MoonvFull Moon1This is all of the illuminated sideviWaning Gibbous MoonviiThird Quarter MoonviiiWaning Crescent MoonbFrom New to Full is known as waxingiThis is when the right side is litcFrom Full to New is waningiThis is when the left side is litdTime to thinkiIf a person close to the equator sees a first quarter moon overhead what is the local time for this person16 AM212 Noon36 PM4MidnighteThe moon is an excellent timekeeperiWhen you see the new moon it is nooniiWhen you see the full moon it is
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