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Knowing the Heavens1Importance of AstronomyaAstronomy had a big role in ancient timesiThings were built based on astronomical events such as eclipses or other things iiAstronomy was important because initially 25 thousand years ago the stars were the meansof telling timebStudying the starsiThe human eye can tell the difference between the colors of starsiiConstellations1They were built because groups of stars formed a pattern and were given a name2Today the sky is cut into 88 divisions or constellations Each star in each division is part of that constellation whether or not you can see the stars3You can only see about 6000 stars with the naked eye and you can really only see about 3000 which all fit into some constellation4Mythology goes along with the constellations and we went more with Native American Greek and Roman traditional mythologyc EarthiOnly half of the Earth is illuminated at one time Since the earth is constantly moving the sky and stars appear to move1In reality the earth is moving but since we seem to stay at the same position we see that they rise in the East and set in the West2Stars are up for about 12 hours but that doesnt mean you can see itaBeing visible is not the same thing as it being upiiEarth rotates in one way and we constantly orbit1Over time months the earth moves in orbit an
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