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Chapter 8Formation of the Solar SystemOrder of solar systemTerrestrials asteroid belts jovians kipper belt orrt cloudStellar nurseriesCold temp high densityDust Stars can produce iron in coreDeath rows stars go through a thermal blast All metals get blown out into spaceSupernova is the only thing powerful in nature to produce all elements specifically everything heavier than iron Stars doing regular business produce all elements up to ironElements in the sunCarbon comes from dead starsoSo basically we are made of dead star stuffSo the dust accumulates in a cloud Then the cloud has to be disrupted in some way a super nova is why our nebula collapsed tocreate our solar systemElement can have specificof protons neutrons change create isotopeRadioactive an isotope that breaks down into something elseHalf life a statistical concept When the nursery collapse gravity pulls everything in at an angle formed into a starEv
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