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ASTR 1101 The Solar System Chapter 9.docx

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ASTR 1101
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Chapter 9Terrestrial Planets and SatellitesAll 4 chemically differentiatedAll but mercury have geological activityEarth solid iron core surrounded by liquid iron coreWe know this is true bc of earthquakesEarthquakes create P wavesS waves like riiples on the water but doesnt go through waterEarthActive atmosphereoWeather storms cloudsoSolar energy energy sourceMovements in wateroTides wavesoSolar energy Tidal forces energy sourceGeologically activeoVolcanos platesoRadio activity in the coreenergy sourceInternal structure 2 parts liquid part and solid part oSolid iron core pressure is too high to melt ironoLiquid iron core less pressure since further from center liquidoMantel oCrustChemically differentiatedoHeavies fall to core lighters rise to crustCONVECTION IN THE MANTELoEarth is built like an insulatoroBut there must be a way for energy to reach the surfaceoSubduction zone when one plate slides under the otherLast supercontinentoPangaea 250 million years agooEarth has had more than one super continentTectonic 79 major platesoGillstone a lava pit that is 4 states wideish Yellowstone due any day Earth has a supercontinent super cycle that last 500 million year Were about half way through the cycle250 million yearsApprox how long till the next super continent3 degree movement of plates per yearEvolution of earths atmosphere
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