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BIOL 1201 Biology For Science Majors Ch 1

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Biological Sciences
BIOL 1201
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Ch 118 million species identified and named oMany many diffoBut many UNIFIERSCategories UNIFIERSoAll things EVOLVEBasis of modern biologyEvolution a change in the genetic makeup of a population over time as a result of NATURAL SELECTION the driving force of evolutionEx GiraffesScarcitystruggle to survive because they are NATURALLY giraffes with longer necks they got more food their food is in trees so they survivedthese giraffes passed on the longneck gene giraffes begin to have longer and longer necksoFOR THE SAME REASON trees grew tallertaller trees dont get eatensurvive pass on higher limbed genetrees begin to be tallerNatural differences are only useful if theyre INHERITABLEGenotype actual genePhenotype Physical characteristic expressed by geneoMOST IMPORTANT FOR SURVIVALoEx gazelles have genes specific for speed because they are hunted by cheetahs But if the gazelle breaks their leg PHYSICAL their genetic difference for speed doesnt matteroGENES NEED TO BE EXPRESSEDoLife contains ORDERStructural levels with each level building on the levels beneath itHierarchy of bio organization biggestsmallestBiosphere every environment on earth thats inhabited by life and its surrounding atmosphere Ecosystems all living things in a particular area along with nonliving environmental components with which life interacts soil water air lightCommunity entire array of organisms many populations inhabiting a particular ecosystem areaPopulation individuals of a species all the living things are the same living within the bounds of a particular area populations make up a communityOrganisms individual living things
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