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Concept 1.1 And 1.2

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Biological Sciences
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08262013Concept 1118 million species identified and namedSimilarities of Species 1Evolutionan ability to evolve built into organismsa change in genetic makeup of a population over time as a result of natural selectionTwo traits 1 Variation all organisms different 2 Competition for food resources mates etcEx Giraffes with longer necks survived bc they were able to reach the food leaves Giraffes with shorter necks died outTrees became taller and the necks of the giraffes became longerVariability comes from inherited genesMore good genes survive therefore population changes2 OrderLife contains order of structural levels with each level building on the levels beneath itHIERARCHY OF BIOLOGICAL ORGANIZATION1 Biosphere all environments on Earth inhabited by life land water and several layers of atmosphere2 Ecosystems all living things in a particular area along with nonliving environmental components with which life interacts soil water air components light3 Community entire array of organisms inhabiting a particular ecosystem4 Population individuals of a species living within bounds of a particular area5 Organism individual living thing
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