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Bio Chapter 27 Notes

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Biological Sciences
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Chapter Learning ObjectivesChapter 27 ProkaryotesConcept 271 Structural and functional adaptations contribute to prokaryotic successDescribe the structure and function of each of the following prokaryotic featuresoCapsulesticky layer of polysaccharide or protein surrounding the cell walloFimbriahairlike appendages that allow prokaryotes to stick to their substrate or to one anotheroSex pilusappendages that pull two cells together prior to DNA transfer from one cell to the otheroNucleoid region of cytoplasm that appears lighter than the surrounding cytoplasm in electro micrographs chromosome located hereoPlasmid rings of independently replicating DNA molecules carrying only a few genesoFlagellum Structure that allows prokaryotes to move three main parts motor hook and filament composed of 42 different proteins Describe the structure composition and functions of prokaryotic cell wallsFunction maintains cell shape protects the cell and prevents it from bursting in a hypertonic environment Composition peptidoglycan a polymer composed of modified sugars rosslinked by short polypeptides encloses the entire bacterium and anchors other molecules that extend from its surface ARCHEAL CELL WALLS CONTAIN A VARIETY OF POLYSACCHARIDES AND PROTEINS BUT LACKK PEPTIDOGLYCANStru
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