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Genetics Study Questions

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BIOL 2051
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Genetics1In what form single or double stranded linear or circular are most prokaryotic genomesProkaryotic genomes have one chromosome are circular and have double stranded DNA2In what form single or double stranded linear or circular are most eukaryotic genomesEukaryotic genomes have multiple chromosomes are linear and have double stranded DNA3Describe the process of replicationHow does replication differ in bacteria versus eukaryotesWhere does replication occur in the cellWhat is the outcome of replication DNA helicase unwinds double stranded DNA by breaking the hydrogen bonds making the replication forkPrimer provides 3 end on which DNA polymerase III will then start pairing nucleotides reading 3 to 5 making a new strand in a 5 to 3 directionRNAase DNA polymerase I removes the RNA primers leaving a gap between the DNA which can then be filled by DNA polymeraseDNA ligase seals the gaps between the DNA fragments of the lagging strand4Name the enzymes involved in replication and what they do during replicationaDNA gyraseRelaxes the DNA so helicase can break itbDNA helicaseUnwinds DNA by breaking hydrogen bonds using energy from ATP creating replication forkcDNA primaseEnzyme that creates a short RNA sequence called a primer on a DNA template strand so that DNA polymerase can make a copy of that DNA strand dDNA polymerase IIICatalyzes addition of bases to 3 end of RNA molecule making a new DNA strand reads 3 to 5 but adds in 5 to 3 on both leadinglagging strandeDNA polymerase IRNAase removes RNA primers made by DNA primase from the lagging strand and fills in the necessary nucleotides between the Okazaki fragments in 53 direction proofreading for mistakes as it goesfDNA ligaseSeals the gaps between the DNA fragments of lagging strands
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