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BIOL 3040 Evolution Ch 9 Learning Objectives

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Biological Sciences
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BIOL 3040

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Chapter Learning ObjectivesChapter 9 Evolution at Multiple Loci91 Polygenic Traits and the Nature of HeredityExplain how Mendelian inheritance of polygenic traits can lead to nearly continuous variationExplain what is meant by latent variation How can it lead to an extension of the range of variation in a continuous traitDescribe how epistatic interactions among loci can affect phenotype92 Population Genetics of Multiple LociExplain why it is necessary to track haplotype frequencies instead of allele frequencies in population genetic models of evolutionary change at multiple lociWhat is linkageExplain what it means when two loci are said to be in linkage disequilibriumGiven haplotype frequencies calculate the linkage disequilibrium coefficient D and determine if the loci have an excess of coupling or repulsion haplotypes or
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