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BIOL 3040 Evolution Ch 8 Learning Objectives

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Biological Sciences
BIOL 3040
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Chapter Learning ObjectivesChapter 8 Evolution in Finite Populations81 Random Change and Genetic DriftDescribe the process of genetic drift and list the three general consequences of genetic driftGiven the frequency of an allele in a finite population determine the probably that that particular allele will become fixedDescribe how genetic drift affects heterozygosity within a population and genetic divergence between populations82 Coalescent Theory and the Genealogy of GenesDescribe what a coalescent point is in a gene genealogyExplain the relationship between population size and the average time to coalescenceExplain how the genetic variation is related to average time to coalescenceClassify a gene genealogy as depicting a gene affected by neutral drift positive selection or balancing selection83 Demography Biogeography and DriftGiven a scenario be able to classify it as an example of eith
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