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Ch 11 Objectives

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Biological Sciences
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Chapter Learning ObjectivesChapter 11 The Origin and Evolution of Early Life111 Origin and Diversification of Life on EarthList the early events in the history of life on EarthoEarth forms 45 BYAoEarth cools early atmosphere and oceans form 4442 BYAoPrebiotic chemical reactions create the building blocks of life 4240 BYAoEvolution begins with the RNA world 38 BYAoFirst cellular life forms evolve 35 BYAoDiversification process that forms tree of life begins 35 BYADescribe what is meant by the last universal common ancestoroNot a single organism but a population of organismsoOne of many life forms at the time but the only one to leave behind any descendant lineages that remain to this dayDescribe why it is not possible to make direct inferences about organisms that lived prior to the phylogenetic event horizon using phylogenetic methodsoLUCA represents the phylogenetic event horizon and all creatures that are living today have descended from LUCA Because of this no direct observations from phylogenetic methods in the present can explain other organisms beyond LUCAList the properties of life and describe why life is difficult to defineoHomeostasis the ability to adjust the internal environment to maintain a stable equilibriumoStructural organizati
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