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Lecture 5

Week 5

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Biological Sciences
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Week Five December 35Formation of the vertebrate heartHeart is the first functional organ in the embryoFormed by the hypomere mesoderm lateral plate mesodermspecifically the splancnic mesodermPresumptive primordia exist as a pair of tissues on each side of the embryo Initially there are two functional hearts The primordia pushes them together to form the one heartPrimordia migrate in a ventral fashion to fuse and give rise to the simple tube form of the heartHeartPrimordia show up on either side of the neural tube There is endoderm underneath this that will be split into anterior and posterior endodermPharyngeal area of the endoderm has to be present for the heart to differentiateFormation of the heart in the chickHeart forms as paired tubes right and leftinduction of the cardia bifidaThere are two regions on each side of the notochord and neural tube that will differentiate themselves out as the cardiac primordia These primordia will arise as angiogenic cell clustersAngiogenic clusters separate from the splanchnic sheetbecome mesenchymal cells and separate from the heart These clusters condense to form not only the epimyocardium of the heart but also the endocardial primordium tubes that are initially separate from each other The impermeable membrane prevents them from coming together forming cardia bifida with 2 functional hearts
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