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Lecture 3

Week 3

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Biological Sciences
BIOL 3156
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Week ThreeNovember 1921Adult derivativesAs the neural tube develops it will make several subdivisions in a cephalicdecaudal fashionthe first differentiation occurs at the head region and the last differentiation occurs at the tailRhombencephalonhindbrainThe eye develops from regions in the diencephalonDifferentiation of the Neural TubeDifferential cell divisionplacodes thickened preseumptive epidermal ectoderm tissue that forms sites of sensory innervationsSelective cell die offthinner regionsthe roof of the neural tube is very thin and sometimes tends to collapse on itselfFlexurescell shape changes bends and convolutions movements of cellsDriven by cell adhesion moleculesThe Ncadherins neural crest cell migrations from to make the neural plate
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