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Lecture 9

BIOL 1201 Lecture 9: Molecular basis of inheritance

Biological Sciences
Course Code
BIOL 1201
E William Wischusen

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I. Chromosome structure
Eukaryotic chromosome structure
I.a.i. DNA (linear molecule)
I.a.ii. Histone proteins
II. DNA basics
I.a. 4 nucleotides (A,G,T,C)
I.b. Complementary base pairing (A-T,G-C)
I.a.i. Hydrogen bonds
I.b. Double helix
I.c. Anti-parallel backbones
I.d. Structure
I.a.i. Phosphate group
I.a.ii. Nitrogenous base
I.a.iii. Carbon sugar
I.b. 5' to 3'
II. RNA basics
I.a. single strand
I.b. Contains uracil
I.c. 5' to 3'
II. How is DNA copied?
I.a. How do you make exact copies?
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