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Lecture 10

BIOL 1201 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Start Codon, Nucleic Acid Sequence, Uracil

Biological Sciences
Course Code
BIOL 1201
E William Wischusen

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I. Questions?
i. What is the structure of the genome?
1. Chromosome and DNA structure
ii. How is the genome copied?
iii. What is the genome used for?
iv. What happens if the wrong base is added?
1. The nucleotide is kicked out
v. Where does energy come from?
1. Phosphate group
vi. Why does DNA polymerase only build 5' to 3'?
1. Depends on where the energy is
vii. Can errors in DNA be repaired after replication?
1. You can repair some of them
II. Central dogma
i. Flow of information within a cell
ii. Largely in one direction
i. Replication
1. DNA to DNA
ii. Transcription
1. DNA to RNA
2. Reverse transcription
a. RNA to DNA
b. Very few organisms can do this
iii. Translation
1. RNA to Protein
I. Differs from DNA:
i. Ribose sugar
ii. Single stranded
iii. Contains uracil instead of thymine
1. A-U
II. Types
i. Messenger RNA
1. mRNA
a. Transcribed from DNA
b. Contains code to build one polypeptide chain
c. specific
ii. Ribosomal RNA
1. rRNA
a. Joins with proteins to form a ribosome
i. Site of protein synthesis
b. Non-specific
iii. Transfer RNA
1. tRNA
a. Two important locations
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