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Lecture 1

BIOL 1201 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Cytokinesis, Operon, Repressor

Biological Sciences
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BIOL 1201

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Which of the following is/are inputs required for photosynthesis?
Carbon Dioxide
The Calvin Cycle occurs in the
Calvin Cycle Input
Carbon Dioxide
Non-cyclic photophosphorylation produces (outputs)?
ATP and NADPH + H+
A researcher isolates a chloroplast and decreases the pH inside the
individual thylakoids. Assuming that there is abundant light energy
and CO2 and that there are no other changes to this chloroplast
indicate whether the following statement if True or False.
This chloroplast will produce more G3P or glucose than a control
chloroplast under the same light and CO2 conditions
Based on the previous question indicate whether the following
statement is True or False.
The experimental chloroplast will produce more ATP than the control
Based on the preceding two questions indicate whether the following
statement is True or False.
If the researcher also increased the concentration of NADPH +H+ in
the stroma of the experimental chloroplast, but not the control, the
experimental chloroplast would produce more G3P or glucose.
The backbone of a DNA strand is composed of
sugar-phosphate bonds

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Based on the figure shown below what would locations A and C be?
5' and 3’
In DNA which nitrogenous base would pair with cytosine?
Hydrogen bonds must be broken during the process of DNA
replication. These bonds occur between?
Nitrogenous bases
During DNA replication the enzyme responsible for making the DNA
strand is:
DNA polymerase
If the sequence of nucleotides is
what is the sequence of DNA nucleotides on the complementary
strand of DNA?
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