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Lecture 3

BIOL 1201 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Blood Vessel, Codocyte, Protein Kinase A

Biological Sciences
Course Code
BIOL 1201
Moroney, James

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Chapter 11
Cell Signaling
1. Signal transduction
a. A cell receives a number of external signals
b. Signals from neighboring cells
c. Signals from distant cells
d. How the cell detects and responds to these signals is an
important area of current research
e. Local and long distance signals
i. Paracrine and synaptic signals
ii. Hormonal signals
2. Signal receptors
a. G protein couples receptors – membrane proteins
b. Tyrosine-kinase receptors – membrane proteins with kinase
c. Ion-channel receptors – gate responds to signal in membrane
d. Intracellular receptors
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