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Lecture 2

BIOL 1202 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Actinopterygii, Cyanobacteria, Phylogenetic Tree

Biological Sciences
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BIOL 1202

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Quiz 3
1. Which is the most likely correct sequence of events involve in the evolution of early life?
a. Anaerobic cellsphotosynthesisO2 presentaerobic cells
2. Populations of protobionts (pre-living cells) could begin to undergo evolution by natural
selection only when ___.
a. Some kind of hereditary mechanisms developed
3. The category that is always italicized and capitalized is:
a. Genus
4. Oxygen has a ___ influence on the prebiotic formation of complex organic molecules
because ___.
a. Negative; it is highly reactive
5. Ribosomal RNA gene sequences are highly conserved. These genes are best used to
examine the evolutionary relationship among:
a. Distantly related organisms, since the molecule mutates (changes) slowly
6. _______ is a more inclusive group than _______.
a. Kingdom; class
7. When a certain rock formed, it contained 12 mg 40K. The rock now contains 3
mg 40K. The half-life of 40K is 1.3 billion years. How old is the rock?
a. 2.6
8. Carbon-14 decays into Nitrogen-14 and has a ½ life of 5,730 years. Assume that decay
of 14C is the only source of 14N in fossils. If you find a fossil with three times the amount
of 14N compared to 14C, how old is that fossil?
a. 11460
9. After the domain category was first introduced there were how many kingdoms?
a. 6
10. The most recent phylogenetic data suggests that bacteria and archaea may be more
closely related than archaea and eukarya.
a. F
Quiz 4
1. How would you classify a prokaryote that lives in hot springs that have a low pH?
a. thermoacidopjile
2. Kingdom Bacteria can be subdivided into 2 separate groups based on the reaction with
Gram stain. The difference in this reactive relates to a difference the
a. Cell wall structure
3. Of the cladograms shown below, which one shows a different evolutionary history from
the others?
a. 3
4. The following character table was used to construct the cladogram shown below using
maximum parsimony: Which characteristic is a the position marked X?
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