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Lecture 9

BIOL 1202 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Botany, Antheridium, Xylem

Biological Sciences
Course Code
BIOL 1202

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1. Angiosperms are most closely related to _____.
a. Gymnosperms
2. Which of these was the dominant plant group at the time that dinosaurs were the dominant
a. Gymnosperms
3. This is an image of a(n) _____.
b. Charophycean
4. Plants evolved from green algae approximately _____ million years ago.
a. 475
5. _____ are an example of seedless vascular plants
a. Ferns
6. The living plants that are most similar to the first plants to bear gametangia are the _____.
a. Bryophytes
7. The closest algal relatives of land plants are _____.
a. Charophytes
8. Seedless plants include _____.
a. Bryophytes, lycophytes, ferns, whisk ferns, and horsetails.
9. The following are all adaptations in plants to life on land except
a. Rings of cellulose-synthesizing complexes
10. Evidence indicates that plants increase the number of stomata in their leaves as
atmospheric CO2 levels decline. Increasing the number of stomata per unit surface area should
have the effect of doing which of the following?
1. increasing dehydration of leaf tissues
2. decreasing dehydration of leaf tissues
3. countering the effect of declining CO2 on photosynthesis
4. reinforcing the effect of declining CO2 on photosynthesis
5. decreasing the O2 content of air next to the leaves lower than it would otherwise be
6. increasing the O2 content of air next to the leaves higher than it would otherwise be
a. 1, 3, 6
11. Which of the following should have had gene sequences most similar to the charophyte that was
the common ancestor of the land plants?
a. Early bryophytes
12. Select the correct statement about the life cycle of a fern.
a. Plant gametophytes are haploid multicellular bodies
13. Select the correct statement contrasting gametophytes and sporophytes.
a. Sporophytes are diploid, whereas gametophytes are haploid
14. Which of the following is a land plant that has flagellated sperm and a sporophyte-dominated life
a. Fern
15. In plants, which of the following are produced by meiosis?
a. Haploid spores
16. Which of the following is not evidence that charophytes are the closest algal relatives of plants?
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