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Lecture 12

CFS 4052 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Scientific Method, Nonpartisanism

Child and Family Studies
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CFS 4052

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What is family policy? public policy, social policy (affects us as individuals), family
policy is fundamentally concerned about the family as the basic social institution. policy
that aims to protect, promote, & strengthen families by addressing one or more of the 5 explicit
functions families perform:IMPLICIT affect families, even if they are designed specifically to
impact or work through families
implicit policies: not specifically or primarily intended
to affect families, but that have indirect consequences
on them.
target family function or structure as an end goal, or use families as their means of
administering policy
What is a family perspective in policymaking a perspective: for understanding
and thinking about the actions of government and consequences of these actions for families, a
process: of collective decision making, a field of activity: the wide range of family-related
programs that result from policymaking (e.g. family preservation, family and medical leave,
income supports)
Politicians of all parties and professionals in a variety of fields
frequently espouse the value of families
The symbol of family appeals to common values that can rise
above politics and provide common ground.
Family scientists have made significant progress in the last two
decades identifying effective family-centered approaches for
prevention and intervention programs
What are the five main family functions typically addressed in family
policy? Family policy focuses on five explicit functions: family
formation(families bring new individuals into the world & provide them w/ their
personal & family identity, helping define who they are & where they come from)
, partner relationships(families are a fundamental influence on individuals' abilities to
form & maintain committed, stable partner relationships. Families can serve to
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