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Key eventsCenocene angiospermsMiacene age of the apes primate evolution elephants rodents snakes animals that live in the grasslands Mid Mayacene shiftnorthern hemisphere plate creation Climate change Artic ice expands Continental collision causing formation of Himalayas OligoceneModern ice age beganPlioceneisthmus of Panama Allows for artic ice to expand South allows for colder weatherLots of shift to vegetation NeogenePrimate evolution brains getting bigger going into homosapiens Holocene11000 yearsmost recent humans evolve large migration population A lot easier to date Its important because explains how earth got to present state Reveals the high rate of change that things are changed at climate Glacial retreat 15 Ka which allows for great lakes to formLots of abrupt changes 2 abrupt changes vegetation climatesea level rise Very rapid sea level rise as glacier melting Vegetation shifts as ice retreats tundra and forests shift positions Evaluate rate of changeelevation change by organisms suc
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