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Intro to Reformation Lecture

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HIST 1003
Benjamin F.Martin

9001300Medieval warm period The population increased during this time because the crops were prosperous which meant more food 1315The Little Ice Age Got too cold less food80 of people were peasants small farmerssharecroppers of all children died before the age of 5Women lived to only 35 under 5Men lived to only 40 under 53Difficult to cultivate animals sheep were the size of Cocker SpanielsSmall animalssmall manurelittle fertilizationsmalls cropsless foodFarmers rented their land SharecroppingOnly 40 of peasants could sign their name which means the other 40 were not able to read does not mean they were stupid just illiterateTWO KEY WORDS THAT INDICATE MODERN TIMES TRANSPORTATION AND COMMUNICATION3 Levels of People 15 of the populationLowest Simple urbans workers Peasantlike people that lived in the townsMiddle ArtisansHad a craft employedJourneymen would travel and look for places in need of their craft they would attempt to master their craft in attempt from the guild to open shop and create their own masterpieceHighest Bourgeoisie Towndwellers in French bourg means townLawyers doctors officials professorstheology banking merchant enterprise spices because they were light and cheap to transportOther 5 of the population was the Elite Nobles and RulersRulers were the highest ranking nobles They were granted privilege based on birth50 of the land was owned by nobility Nobles were punished by being beheaded while commoners were hanged Everyone other than Russians Eastern Orthodox were Christian Pope was the head of the church The church was wealthy because tithes were increased to almostat least 12Pope income was greater than all rulers combined in Europe Rites of Passage ceremonies throughout lifePeople were desperate for religion so they went to the church for explanationsWheat was an essential crop The people rang church bells to wake up God and ask him to move the storms away from their crops Ferdinand and Isabellas marriage united Spain They married into the Hapsburg familyWhoever rules Spain is the ruler of the New World and riches of gold and silverRomanov family capital is in Moscov away from the rest of EurporeThe Romanovs held the position of czar Russia was at least 200 years behind the rest of Europe in development Russia contained czar and serfs slaves peasants Sold as familiesRussia followed the Eastern Orthodox church HeadQuarters in ConstantinopleRussia saw itself as equal to Rome Every other ruler in Europe were bound by certain traditions that had limits on their ruling Czars had no limits and ruled as true despotstyrants and was head of the Eastern Orthodox Church Ivan IV the Terrible czar in Russia ridded his enemies by boiling them in oilItaly was once made of small estatesSouthern Italy south of Rome and including the island of Sicily was ruled by the kingdom of Naples
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